“Music is the art in which I can express myself best. I put so much of myself and so much love into the music I make, in each song, that it really is a part of me. And I welcome you to connect.”


Kia Iris is an independent artist from The Netherlands. Ever since she was a child she made up melodies that she sang in her room, while cycling to school, or in the back of the car. Silently. Kia studied jazz and pop music and has performed many of her songs on stage with a band. Even though she enjoyed this, she felt that the evolving style never really fit with her ideas. Therefore, in 2017 Kia started learning how to produce and mix her own music. From then on she was in control. In August 2020 she released her first single; “Never So Real”. 

Kia’s songwriting most often starts in her head. It takes certain moods or a certain sphere. It takes time also.. She sees each song as a project that needs to be treated with care. The right melody, the right harmonies, the right vibe and the right lyrics. So.. for Kia, a song is usually not simply born in a jamming session or during some spare hours behind the piano. 

Kia successfully completed a two-year Electronic Music Production course at Pro Audio Education. In her home in Lemmer she has her own music studio.

Kia Iris Producer Singer Jazz Artist New Music

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